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Written by Wauneta Breeze   
Wednesday, 10 July 2013 20:52

10 years ago this week

July 10, 2003

Wheat harvest is at full speed in Southwest Nebraska. By Tuesday 600,000 bushels had been delivered to Frenchman Valley Coop with 500,000 bushels at the Palisade elevator. Light test weights, so-so yields, and high protein levels were common.

The RV Park landscape came to life as new trees, shrubs, and perennials were planted, thanks to donations of memorial moneys from the families of Otis and Lena Vlasin and Eva Polly.

Bobby Miller of Omaha and a 1997 W-P graduate was honored in April as the Omaha Education Association’s Teacher Rookie of the Year. The award is given each year to first year teachers who exhibit outstanding teaching skills and is willing to go the extra mile to touch a child’s life.

Bonnie and Charles Hanna had cake and ice cream Monday for their new neighbor, Danny Richardson, on his birthday. Guests included Jim and Connie Maxfield, Russell Polly, Susan Todd and Joyce and Ted Grimm.

The Brian and Sid Harchelroad families and Wilva Harchelroad went to St. Louis, Mo., where they visited Debbie and Jim Kemp, Philip and Patrick and then went on to Nashville, Tenn., attending the 50th anniversary festivities of Chevrolet’s Corvette.

Veleta and Jim Sutherland of Battle Lake, Minn., and Julie Gahn and Eva of Taklequah, Okla., spent several days with Judy and Rudy Evers, joined also by Mack and Cindy Sutherland, Jessica and Cameron. The Sutherlands went to Kearney where they helped Cal Sutherland celebrate his 90th birthday.

Jack and Carol Maddux hosted their annual “East End Neighborhood Party” July 4, assisted by Pat and Mary Madden, with grills and food furnished by those present and fireworks at dark.

Precip for the year: .15 of an inch: for 2003: 18.55 inches.

High for the week: 103° on July 3; 62° on July 1 and 6.

25 years ago this week

July 7, 1988

The vacation issue featured a story on Virg and Connie Littrel and their custom harvesting business and Iola Pennington and her bird watching.

Littrel started the business 22 years ago and includes wife Connie, son Jasen, 18 and daughter Crystal, 15. Starting in Frederick, Okla., they work their way through Kansas and Nebraska, ending in Montana. Four years ago they joined with the Goings Harvesting crew, Dennis and wife Colleen, sons Brad 16 and Billy 13 and two other men, Larry and Joel Brott. Ron and Josie Lytle join them near Ness City, Kan. The biggest problem is by far Mother Nature — rain which can last days or stops cutting for hours or a day. Moving equipment can also be a challenge. The biggest expense is the cost of liability insurance.

Iola Pennington had been a serious bird watcher for over 50 years. In conjunction with her photography hobby, she has thousands of pictures of birds she has become familiar with through her extensive bird library. Included in her library are tapes and records of the sounds of birds. She has been dedicated to counting birds annually for the Fish and Wildlife Commission for more than 20 years. Her first territory was near Bartley but she is now responsible for territories near Stratton and Benkelman. She has enjoyed trips to South America, Nantucket Islands, Galapagos Islands, Africa, Alaska, Mexico and Europe, providing new bird-watching and photographing opportunities.

50 years ago this week

July 11, 1963

Area attorneys, Guy Curtis of Imperial and Charles Bosley, of Palisade, are working independently to curtail the water flow down the Frenchman River to the Culbertson Canal. Counties and farmers are suffering damage to bridges, roads and loss of land due to the excessive water going down river for irrigation.

Callers during the day, July 4, to help Mrs. Minnie Denker celebrate her birthday were Mr. and Mrs. Dick Nordhausen, Mrs. Bill Denker, Mrs. Sophie Nordhausen, Mr. and Mrs. Loyd Christner and René, Mrs. Richard Greeley and Rochelle, Wendi and Mindi Nordhausen, Alan Nordhausen, Judy Binderup of McCook and Loren Nordhausen.

Mrs. Opal Kerchal was hostess to a group of ladies from her old neighborhood. The ladies brought lunch and showered Mrs. Kerchal with canned goods.

Overnight campers at Enders Lake Wednesday and Thursday to celebrate the 4th were Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Schwenk and girls, Mr. and Mrs. Vearl McBride, Mr. and Mrs. Kent Buffington, Mr. and Mrs. Lynn McBride and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Buffington.

The Palisade swimming pool set an all time high attendance record with 250 enjoying the newly renovated facilities on July 4.

75 years ago this week

July 13, 1938

One of the finest wheat harvests here in years is almost over with 40-50 percent of the crop being stored for higher prices. To date 122 carloads of wheat have gone out on the Burlington. Jay Person and Carl Nordhausen have hauled in the largest amounts. Has been averaging 25 bushels to the acre.

Marvin Athey who was Wauneta’s “Boy Stater” received a letter from coach “Biff” Jones of the University of Nebraska inviting him to return next year as one of 24 selected as outstanding among the 254 there, being an assistant to the junior counsellors.

Mr. and Mrs. John Kitt and Mrs. Howard Stinnette and Wanda left for Chadron where they will be joined by Miss Helen Kitt for a vacation in the Black Hills.

Miss Nora and Rosa Handel left Monday on a trip to Alaska.

Local Markets: wheat-.57; corn-.50; cream-.22; eggs-.14; hens-.08.

100 years ago this week

July 10, 1913

Harvesting is at full blast and hands hard to get.

107 in the shade Monday.

The workers on the Oliver dam are off for a few days on account Lloyd Ough getting his engine to water his potatoes.

Frank McCallum went to Beatrice Wednesday.

Still very dry — no general rains.